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Our proposals

In Preit, the hamlet where Estelo B&B is located, life is intense. We take care of the garden, the vegetable garden and the wood. We sow plants and grow vegetables, cut wood, keep the tracks clean and make new discoveries…

In some months we pick what nature offers and prepare some products:

- we pick officinal herbs to make creams (for example marigold), ointments (St John's wort), and herbal teas (linden, lemon balm, blackberry, mountain tea);

- with herbs and fruits (rhubarb, nettles, apples, berries, chestnuts) we prepare compotes and liqueurs;

- we use dandelion roots and mullein leaves and fruits as medical herbs

- we pick aromatic and officinal herbs and use them for cooking and perfuming our house (lavender); you are welcome if you would like to pick the herbs and/or cook with us

Our B&B is open almost all year round and sometimes we organize workshops to prepare our natural products: our guests can take part to these activities for free, if they want to. Also other people are welcome if they want to participate to these workshops, we only ask them for a contribution to cover our expenses, depending on the activity.
Of course you will take home what we produce together: it will be fun to create your own product and it will surely have more value than a similar product bought in a shop!

We usually propose our workshops in spring, summer and autumn.


  L'Estelo - Bed and Breakfast - Borgata Preit, 3 - 12020  Frassino (CN)
Tel. +39 3662234087  -  Email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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